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Wirksworth Archaeological Society

The archaeology of Lutudarum


The purpose of the Society is to carry out archaeological work within and around Wirksworth in the Peak District.


Although we are principally interested in the Roman and Mercian periods, and have a specific project (The Wirksworth Roman Project), we also cover any archaeological issues which relate to Wirksworth and its immediate hinterland, whatever the period concerned.


Individual assessments and updates are listed under "Work / Finds" which deals with current work in progress.


Issues in the archaeology of Wirksworth: Examinations of the Hannage & Vicarage Garden


Mediaeval archaeology of Wirksworth:

Examinations of St John's Street



Roman roads of Derbyshire:

The Portway - Brough to Little Chester


North Lane

A corpus of stone sculpture in St Mary's Church, Wirksworth


The Roman Villa at Carsington by Wirksworth


Roman roads of Derbyshire:

The Street - Buxton to Wirksworth


Wirksworth Archaeological Society 


President: Dr Bill Bevan